Saturday, July 24 2021

Gopher Tortoise

The Gopher Tortoise originated in North America 60 million years ago, making it one of the oldest living species, and they may live up to 80 years. They are a keystone species, one without which many other species would not survive.

The Gopher Tortoise share their burrows with more than 350 other species including the Eastern indigo snake, rodents, gopher frog, Florida mouse, and hundreds of invertebrates like beetles and crickets who also depend on the burrows for shelter and predator protection.

Tricolored Heron Breeding Plumage

Huge color change from the juvenile colors to these breeding colors.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly on a Purple Flower

Florida Maple

There's nothing to call Fall Colors in Florida but once in a while I run across a red maple leaf.

Thank You Mom

Where's Susan?

Meanings Change

A True Friend

Everyone needs such a friend


Tri-Colored Heron - Breeding Plumage

A Tri-colored Heron in its Breeding Plumage is even more colorful.

Anhinga Swallowing a Fish

Even though many of these birds have very thin necks, they don't have much trouble swallowing a fish that would seem to be too large for them.

Friday, July 23 2021

Dolphin Feeding Frenzy

This is what it looks like on the surface of the water when Dolphins work together to surround and ambush their prey.

Wednesday, July 14 2021

What's Jail?

My five-year-old asked me what jail was. That's a hard thing to explain.

" It's like this. As a society, we have decided that we're okay with feeding and housing needy people but we require they commit a crime first."

by Keith Lowell Jensen

Tuesday, July 13 2021

Black-crowned Night Heron

Some studies suggest that the Black-crowned Night Heron feeds at night because they are dominated by other herons and egrets by day.

Be Realistic

This photo is of myself, my wife, and a good friend at Yellowstone that was taken by a stranger who offered to get a photo of the three of us. The young teen girl wasn't about to move and it's what I consider the perfect representation of a kid being somewhere they didn't care to be. While we visited Yellowstone I noticed many grandparents brought their grandkids along with them. The one consistent observation I was able to make was that these kids were bored as can be and pretty much dragged themselves along. They were not enjoying this time with their grandparents, don't expect yours to be any different.

163 Degrees

Nobody will deny that Naples gets hot during the summer but CNN got it wrong this time.

White Peacock Butterfly

You can see White Peacock Butterflies low to the ground because their favorite plants are also low to the ground.

Panther Refuge

I found the trail to appear neglected with moss covering the information signs. While the trail is well marked, during the wet season, overgrown vegetation on the trail may encroach on the trail.

Naples Pier

Naples Pier is an extremely popular historic place and typically quite busy with locals and tourists. I seized this opportunity to get a photo when I was the lone visitor after a storm had passed.

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

Juvenile Little Blue Herons start off their lives with white plumage, then look piebald with blue and white feathers and finally look bluer as adults.

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