Surfing in Naples, Florida

I've seen numerous inquiries around the net regarding surfing in Naples. The best answer is "no," there's no surfing on the Gulf Coast but here's photo of surfers off Naples Pier. The alternative answer is that occasionally there are enough waves to surf as you can see in my photo. The catch is that these waves were caused by Hurricane Michael as it passed 150 miles out in the gulf, the bad news is the destruction it caused.

Hurricane Michael was a very powerful and destructive tropical cyclone that became the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992. In addition, it was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the contiguous United States in terms of pressure, behind the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Hurricane Camille in 1969. It was the first Category 5 hurricane on record to impact the Florida Panhandle, the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane in the contiguous United States, in terms of wind speed, and the most intense hurricane on record to strike the United States in the month of October.

None of us want to see surfing in Naples again. Go to the east coast where you'd have better conditions.

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