As I believe I've made clear, I'm an amateur learning the techniques to produce a good photo. I am of the opinion that a "good" photo varies from one person to the next. In the time I've been taking pictures I have spent a good amount of time looking at the innumerable websites devoted to the subject and have come to the position that skill is one important factor but also that equipment is another and that they are separate and inseparable at the same time.

Any good photographer can take a good photo with any decent camera and an inexperienced person can take remarkably good photos with a high-end camera. Today's digital cameras with high-end lens can produce very good photos in the hands of a rank amateur. In no way am I saying all anyone needs is a great camera to produce a great photo, but I feel that someone with a $15,000 setup will likely produce a quality photo assuming they frame the subject well due to the auto-focus, optical stability, and lens clarity, etc.

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