Living in the Slow Lane is a domain I've owned and used for decades and my interpretation of its meaning has changed as life changes have progressed.  The Slow Lane is usually defined as something like this:

 "On a highway, the slow lane is the lane for vehicles that are moving more slowly than the other vehicles. If you say that a person is in the slow lane, you mean that they are not progressing as fast as other people in a particular area of activity.

In the beginning, Living in the Slow Lane related to our early years when we lived in Minnesota and I was our family's primary caretaker, commonly known as a Stay-at-Home Da,d taking care of our kids and home. As they began school I worked part-time at a non-profit agency serving fathers. At this job, I built my first web page for the agency back in the days of black text on gray pages, adding an image was not even a consideration. 

As the years passed we moved from Minnesota to Colorado where we immediately became enthralled with the mountains after so many years of living in the flatlands of the Midwest. We started exploring the mountain areas and quickly found out our old sedan couldn't get us where we wanted to go and decided to buy a 4x4 that could. This made it so much easier to travel on abandoned trails and reach old mining areas which we loved to do.  

As more years passed we decided to replace our under-powered 4x4 with something more modern to tow our hybrid camper easily across Colorado's high mountain passes and spend more time sightseeing and camping than traveling the rough trails we had been exploring. For us, towing a trailer required driving in the slow lanes of the highways.

Now we're retired and living in Florida, the flattest state in the country, so our 4x4 days are over and I decided to pick up photography which I enjoyed long before. This worked out well since the pandemic struck shortly after our move to Florida and I could get out by going to places such as the Everglades and spending the day rarely even seeing another person. I don't make any claim to be a photographer, I'm strictly an amateur and enjoy capturing what I can and learning as I go.

I'm an older guy in my 70s and I started building websites back in the days of gray pages with black text, and adding an image wasn't even a consideration due to limited bandwidth. A lot has changed in the last 30+ years and I like to keep current with the ensuing changes. Admittedly, I haven't kept up with all the changes but that's okay too, I like to have a website of my own to mess with now that I'm retired and have time.

Please feel free to contact me regarding anything on my website. I reply to all legitimate e-mails within 24 hours or less.