Living in the Slow Lane is my blog on retirement, Southwest Florida, aging, health, photography and more. My wife Barb and I moved to Southwest Florida from Colorado in 2018 for health reasons as do so many other retirees. It was hard putting so many miles between ourselves and our children and grandchildren, but not everything we do in life is easy, and they all understand and support our decision. This website is a stay-at-home project as we all deal with the pandemic which is putting the brakes on all our activities since we all should be limiting what we're doing to help end this mess.

I built first website around 1994 for a non-profit agency I was working for at the time using an early Apple Macintosh computer. Back then a cutting edge website was gray with black text and adding graphic logo was momentous leap forward. That was the start of my building websites for businesses and individuals which did for many years.

In the early days of the web it was a common practice to include an "About this Website" page so readers could know who was behind the site.

I chose building this website as one thing I could do without needing to go anywhere under the current pandemic restrictions. This provided me with time brush up on more current web styling that are new to me while being compliant with the pandemic guidelines. I'm being extra careful since I'm vulnerable this virus and building this website allowed me to learn something new and I'm happy with the result. Without a doubt I spent far more time creating this than it would take for more experienced website developers but since I'm retired I have the time. I could have made easy myself and used WordPress but have never been fan of the ever popular WordPress websites that have taken over the internet. The latest statistics I've seen show that WordPress is used on the majority of content managed sites which is one reason why everything online starting look the same. WordPress makes it easy to build a website and get good link activity since they are all pretty much interconnected design. I used it for a couple customers at their request and still prefer to build my own website rather than use a pre-formatted script based system. Maybe intent was make money I'd feel differently butI I'll never know and prefer less glitz and clean interface. I believe I have attained that goal.

Please feel free to contact me regarding anything website.